Welcome to Aunt Bessi’s Creative Healing Center

Nurture your body, mind and spirit!

Aunt Bessi’s is a NEW Creative Healing Center on LA’s Westside. We offer a wide variety of experiences to promote self-expression, health, wellness, personal growth, and connection.  Aunt Bessi’s is a community, a collaboration between conscious thinkers. It’s a hub, a home, it’s a space to call home.

self expression

Unleash feelings, thoughts and ideas through art, movement, music, writing, theater and more…

Health and wellness

Explore natural therapies, nutrition and lifestyle shifts that assist your well-being.

personal growth

Direct your energy and focus inwards…Immerse body, mind, and spirit in discovering who you are.


Develop and deepen your relationship with self and others.



classes, workshops & events

At Aunt Bessi’s we offer more then just classes, workshops and events…We offer experiences that keep you coming back for more!


the collab

The Collab is a group of passionate, heart-centered, women and men who are purpose driven, equipped with the knowledge and desire to share what they do. The Collab a group of teachers, healers, and creatives, committed to making this world a better place. 



We have chairs…We have tables and a whole lot more…Our bright, shiney open space provides you with a blank canvas for you to express and share your magic with the world…