Flannery Maney

Flannery is a TV writer and novelist who loves writing females in hot water who have to step up and fight for themselves, despite the limits of their societies. She enjoys writing period pieces and YA superhero pilots. Originally from a small-town in Ohio, Flannery started running indie concerts called “Coffee Houses”, providing a space for local creatives and friends to share their talents and build their community. An avid painter, athlete, actor, and writer, Flannery had no idea where her life would take her. She pursued a liberal-arts education at Denison University and was on-track to study International Studies with a Spanish and Vocal Performance double minor. Then came the sign. Flannery got an internship at Sony Pictures Studios in Television casting and was immediately thrown into the world of the Entertainment Industry and to LA. Her transition wasn’t the easiest, but she thrived in a city of creatives. She never returned to Ohio.

After working in casting, she launched herself as an actor, booking a few roles on Networks like Nickelodeon, Fox, and YouTube Red. Feeling deeply unfulfilled by the roles written for women and the industry’s low treatment and opinion of actors in general, Flannery went abroad to study in London at RADA and everything changed. Her perspective went from focusing on the individual (her lines) to focusing on the entire work as a piece of art. She realized that the plays and shows that moved her had a brilliant overall story arc and had layers in their construction that were thought-out and intriguing. It was never about any one actor. That’s when she wrote her first script.

Though writing is her primary pursuit, Flannery is also a producer, seeing the films Throw Like A Girl, Scars, and Beyond the Cracks, to completion from start to finish. In addition, she enjoys making sketch comedy with her friends, especially when they’re Shakespeare related.

Flannery founded the creative publication, Kingdom of Pavement, with her friend Amy Suto. Like the “Coffee Houses” she planned all those years ago, she enjoys facilitating a place for her friends to share and a place to a community to thrive. Catch Flannery writing at local coffee shops or running Fryman canyon, but most likely you’ll see restaurant hunting in a foreign country trying to find the best possible Carbonara.dour, or on a long run, she's somewhere in England.

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