Lady E

Since an early age, sound has been the language of Emily’s soul. Whether through playing instruments, singing, songwriting, or DJing, melody is where she finds peace and inspiration. Emily attended University of the Arts and later went on to work for Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia. Later, she relocated back to California to attend PCC, SMC, and Musician’s Institute, pursuing a career as a recording engineer. Emily worked for both Paramount Recording Studios and Widget Post. She took a sabbatical to travel abroad, live, work, and immerse herself in the diverse cultures of Europe. Upon return, she began to pursue the art of Eastern medicine, attending classes and working for Emperor’s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Clinic. Shortly thereafter she obtained certification in Reiki, energy healing, and sound therapy. This path ultimately led to a new direction - the art of healing with sound. Emily plays alchemy and frosted crystal sound bowls mixed with various shamanic instruments to promote physical and emotional well-being.

Instagram Link: @divinesound422